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Identity Verification and Authentication Company Proposes Changes to COPPA to Help Keep Children Safe

Dallas, Texas – RelyID, LLC, a leader in identity verification and authentication services, is advocating the use of their state-of-the-art product technologies as a stronger method of collecting parental consent as required by law.

In a letter written as a response to the FTC’s call for comments, RelyID weighed in on the proposed Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule changes, stating in part that the current methods for obtaining verifiable parental consent do little to ensure that the website operator actually has something that the average parent would consider to be verifiable parental consent and that a more reliable method such as RelyID is needed.

The current writing of the rule makes it so that any child can easily falsify the necessary information, leaving the site owner vulnerable to risk. RelyID’s platform agnostic alternative not only verifies but also authenticates the identity of the adult in such a way that a child is unlikely to be able to falsify the identity.

“RelyID has already been proven by a number of industries to be a high-performing identity authenticator and should be applied by web operators as an affordable solution to protect children,” said Raymond Conrad, CEO of RelyID.  “As the rule currently stands, parental consent can be easily falsified by a child. RelyID gives web operators the ability to obtain verifiable parental consent.”

RelyID, well known for its partnership with high-profile dating sites and job boards as a way for users to authenticate their identity or credentials, also serves industries from banking to gaming. RelyID recently re-launched their corporate website, adding new services in the process.

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